What is Nose Prints?

Nose Prints is a custom-painted pet portrait service based in Denver, Colorado.

Why ‘Nose Prints’?

The nose print of every dog and cat is unique; there’s no other animal in the world with the same one. And there’s no one else in the world that shares their personality, either. Capturing that uniqueness and personality is what Nose Prints is all about.

Every painting from Nose Prints depicts your pet in beautiful acrylic on canvas in lifelike detail. Special attention is paid to what makes your pet unique, from eyes, ears, and tail down to the distinct patterns of their fur.

Whether you’re looking to adorn your own walls with a portrait of your pet or surprise a loved one or friend with a one-of-a-kind gift, Nose Prints is sure to make an impression.

Meet the artist

I have been a teacher for most of my adult life, and spent three years in England studying to be a linguistics professor. Five years ago, however, I picked up a paintbrush on a whim and discovered a passion for painting that changed my life. Painting pet portraits allows me to combine my love for animals with the joy I find in creating art.

Me and my greyhound, walker

Me and my greyhound, walker

Meet the logo designer

The Nose Prints logo was designed by Zoe M. Zoe was in my 8th grade Spanish class when I hired her to design my logo. She now studies visual arts at Denver School of the Arts, an arts magnet high school in Denver, Colorado.